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ProcerDeCrepusculum Wallpaper by ProcerDeCrepusculum
ProcerDeCrepusculum Wallpaper

 A wallpaper comprised with a combination of three thematic illustrations I've made within the past 3 years. :icongreatjobplz: I hope you enjoy. :iconranranruuplz:



Prior Art pieces Used in this Complementary Wallpaper: :icononionx3plz:

1.)Requiem Of The Determined by ProcerDeCrepusculum

2.)Elusive Redemption by ProcerDeCrepusculum

3.)Truculent Overture by ProcerDeCrepusculum



Tools I used to draw and color this artwork: :iconfinallyplz:

1.) Adobe Photoshop Elements Nine

2.) Wacom Tablet



Illustrator of this work: :iconherotimeplz:

1.) Malcolm Scot Newton (me)



Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy viewing my latest addition to my gallery. :iconhappytearsplz:   If you like what you see, drop by my gallery and take a peek at what else I have in store. :iconrelievedplz:  Since you happen to be here at the moment though, I encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting, sharing, and faving. :iconkillitplz: Your support is a big help! :iconblushplz: And as always, thanks for viewing ~ :iconawwwplz: 



Attack on Titan - Armin Arlert by Bambz-Art
Attack on Titan - Armin Arlert
Uploading my works from Tumblr. Here's Armin from Attack on Titan

Commissions are open! Note me :)

Minimum Prices are:

Full colored painting:
$25 per 1 character + $10 per every extra character.


Suikoden 3 - Chris Lightfellow by Bambz-Art Bowl Full of Wishes by Bambz-Art The Jellyfish Maker by Bambz-Art

BW Sketch, Lineart, Characters on White Backgrounds:
$20 (1 character) + $10 per every extra character.

Toph by Bambz-Art Aang and Kids by Bambz-Art Point Commission - Geistault by Bambz-Art Point Commission - Koike-sama by Bambz-Art


Paypal ONLY
50% of the payment before I start and the rest before I give you the final, full-sized pic

I may add a couple of dollars depending on how much detail you want on your pic. Anyway, hope to hear from you guys! For any questions regarding commissions, or if you're interested in commissioning me, just send me a note with the details :)
Commission - Orlalil (2) by Bambz-Art
Commission - Orlalil (2)
Commission for :iconorlalil: OrlaLil. These are 7-year old twins, Aelianna (the one the left) and Caelum (the one on the right). They can control the wind. Caelum is actually a boy and was really difficult for me because Orlalil described him as having long hair. He kept looking like a girl ^_^;. In the end, I was like, ah well he's seven so I guess it's okay :D

Thanks a lot to Orlalil for commissioning me again! <3

Commissions are still open BTW. Check my journal :>
Attack on Titan - Take a Break by Bambz-Art
Attack on Titan - Take a Break
Jean: "You work too hard, Armin."

Attack on Titan is amazing! These two are Armin and Jean. They're my favorite characters individually and as a couple.

Commissions are open BTW! Check my journal :D

Mahomagic here! Some updates!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 7:26 AM

Hello everyone, mahomagic here! :) As some of you may have noticed, I changed my username.

I've been wanting to do it for *some* time now. As in, since I got my first premium two years ago. I got cold feet then and decided not to. However, I felt that it's about time since I'm expanding to other sites. I wanted my username to be the same across all my accounts on other sites.

And on that note, here are links to my Tumblr and Twitter:

Tumblr (This is my secondary blog and art blog. My primary blog is still PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW IT BECAUSE IT'S JUST A RANDOM FANDOM AND HUMOR BLOG)

Twitter (This one's new and I haven't had much use for it but I'll be uploading my art there as well. Also, minor updates will probably be done there since it's insanely easier to do so. :D )


Bambz came from my nickname, Bambi. Yep, I was named after the Prince of the Forest and I take pride in that. And I swear to God that if I ever have a child, they shall be named Simba.

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